The Clues de Barles - 25 km

After a 25 km long drive passing the « Col du Fanget » (1.459 m, panoramic view) you will arrive at the « Clue de Barles ». At this place the width of the Bès-valley does not exceed 10 m. Very impressive. 3 km after the clue, you will reach the starting point of two beautiful hikes:

* « Le Vieil Esclangon » (old ruined village): You will discover a « Refuge d’art », created by the British artist Andy Goldsworthy. From the nearby hill: view on the « Cirque du Vélodrome » (geological curiosity) and the « Lame de Facibelle » (impressive rock blade), two remarkable geological sites.

 * La chapelle Saint Jean » (Orthodox Chapel): It is quite unexpected, but it is an Orthodox chapel that you will discover at the end of this hike. Beautiful views on the Bès-valley, the summit of the Blayeul and the « Lame de Facibelle ».

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