Les Silves

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Annick & Charles SPETH
Gîte des Silves
Phone : +33- 4 92346700
E-mail :  info@les-silves.fr

Self-catering house in the Southern Alps

The Gîte des Silves is a large self catering house offering a high level of confort.  It is located at the limit of an Alpine hamlet in the "Alpes de Haute Provence" at a height of 1.380 m.  The house is composed of an old barn renovated and enlarged in 2000.  It has ondergone a second renovation round in 2010.  The gîte is located on a very sunny position and offers a great view towards the fields and the mountains.

Why not take a virtual look at “le Gîte des Silves” by visiting our website. On the left of each page you will find a summary of the website. It will remain visible at all times during your visit. Our website will provide you with information about our “gîte”, but also with information about the area and places to visit. This will certainly help you while preparing your holiday to this sunny part of France!

Free WiFi available.

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